Software Building Blocks : Centogram Gears

Whatever your needs, Centogram has abundance of tools and existing software we’ve created over the years to make managing your business that much easier.  Our existing gears replace costly, dated, and time-consuming tools with easy to-use, time and money saving ones without re-inventing the wheel or starting your software development from scratch.

Centogram Gears

Prospector: The Prospector gear allows a business’s employees and sales members to quickly submit client prospects into a database immediately from their hand.

Messenger: The Messenger gear is a corporate communication tool designed to quickly message all users within an organization.

Coordinator: The Coordinator gear is designed for events, conferences & tradeshows in order to enhance the attendee experience.

Instructor: The Instructor gear is designed to provide users with instructional and informational resources and educational tools.

Calculator: The Calculator gear allows for pricing calculations while eliminating the use of traditional non-mobile friendly methods.

Presenter: The Presenter gear allows users to display and present items including products, services, and projects in a clear and organized way.

Reporter: The reporter gear is a simple and easy way to calculate, submit, and archive all expense reports.

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