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Mobile Application Development

We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt complex business logic to beautiful mobile experiences.   As Cincinnati’s premier mobile app developers you’ll see our apps inside of factories and in the hands of employees of Fortune 50 companies across the nation; serving 100s of thousands of users every day!  

Let us help you transform your ideas into a reality.

More users connect to online services via mobile devices than ever, and when it comes to mobile applications, Centogram shines. We design and implement intuitive, consumer-friendly mobile applications for on-the-go users. Anyone designing an application today must think mobile first: It’s time to embrace mobile apps for your business.

Tools of the trade

Each language and framework has its purpose and our suite of cross-platform expertise has a fit for every need. Speaking straight this is how we get the job done:

  • Ionic Pro / Angular:

    We are proud supports of the Ionic platform as enterprise customers. We use this tool to develop an efficient development lifecycle for iOS and Android taps written using Google’s Angular. Ionic’s readily available UI components and fast development tools allow us to get to market as quick as possible.  It is safe to say we love Ionic.

  • React Native:

    React Native allows us to use the flow developed by Facebook to create mobile apps from a single codebase. We source the best React Native developers in Cincinnati and have even launched apps for clients like Rolls Royce using this platform.

  • Appcelerator:

    Centogram is an Appcelerator Certified Integration Partner. Appcelerator is the mobile platform of choice for thousands of companies seizing vast, new, mobile opportunities. Because they utilize hundreds of thousands of developers worldwide, Appcelerator’s award-winning Titanium Platform leverages over 5,000 mobile device and operating system APIs to create rich, native iOS, Android, and HTML5 mobile web apps. Appcelerator Cloud Services (ACS) provides instant social, location, communication, and content features to scale your mobile strategy quickly with the best possible user experience.

Some Quick Facts:

  • Devices:

    Because 58% of American adults own a smartphone and 42% own a tablet (as noted by pew internet), Centogram develops apps on both mobile phones and tablets in order to appeal to all mobile device users. According to Nielsen, 89% of the time American adults spend on media is through mobile apps (via Nielsen).

  • Platforms:

    Because Apple and Android represent more than 75% of the smartphone market (according to comScore), Centogram develops mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

  • Cross-Platform : Single Codebase:

    Centogram uses a single codebase—in other words, we write the app once, and it’s then deployed twice…on both Apple and Android products. This double punch is a real benefit to our clients…which means that from Centogram, you get your apps in half the time and at half the cost than from other firms.  We specialize in using React Native and Ionic w/ Google’s Angular framework

  • Customizable:

    Your apps are always customizable in order to incorporate your business’s unique services and branding because we always build upon an API driven content managed backend.

  • Updateable:

    We understand that as businesses grow, services and products change. This is why we make our apps easy to revise in real time, allowing all employees and customers to be up to date.

  • User-Friendly:

    Our apps are always user friendly, making it simple for users to navigate and allowing all your business updates and changes to be easily manageable. Since More than 87% of smartphone and tablet owners use a mobile device for shopping activities (Nielsen) we make any process, including shopping and purchasing, easy to navigate.

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