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Centogram centers on building custom mobile apps and websites specializing in business tools. While you continue to build your brand, focus your message, establish new relationships, and enrich your existing customers, we work to transition your designs to an elegant presence on every available type of screen—and we won’t let up until our products operate with the sophistication and ease our clients expect.

More visitors connect to your website via mobile devices than from any other electronic vehicle. And when it comes to mobile applications, Centogram shines. We design and implement intuitive, consumer-friendly mobile applications for on-the-go users. Anyone designing an application today must think mobile first: It's time to embrace mobile apps for your business. We build mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms using a single codebase—in other words, we write the app once, and it's then deployed twice...on both Apple and Android products. This double punch is a real benefit to our clients...which means that from Centogram, you get your apps in half the time and at half the cost than from other firms.

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Our responsive solutions are all backed with content management solutions to allows you to maintain the content for all devices from the same place. We design and develop for multiple smart phone and tablet platforms using progressive web application development tools and frameworks such as Ionic, Drupal, Angular and React. This versatility allows your employees and customers to access important content when they need it and from wherever they are. Our development ensures access from any device with fast load times, auto-scaling to each device screen size, efficient navigation, and e-commerce features. Adaptive theming prevents loss of engagement due to decreased access and missed connection opportunities.

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Centogram’s uses a library of existing gears as efficient tools designed to magnify a business’ success. Our gears eliminate the multiple limitations current tools have on businesses and provide quick and easy ways for your business to function productively and cost-effectively without reinventing the wheel from the start. Our gears are a starting point for your business needs and branding purposes. We offer a variety of gears pertaining to all types of businesses and business needs – whether you are a university or corporation, our apps range from interactive educational tools, to expense reporting resources. Through these apps, we strive to make businesses as successful as they can be.

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